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Professional-Level Services

The professional level services provided by Safety by REQUEST are to help employers comply with what we call The Three C's of Safety. And they include Compliance Safety, Carrier Safety and most importantly, good old Common Sense Safety.
  • Risk Assessment & Safety Program Evaluation
  • Loss Reviews & Trend Analysis
  • Safety Program / Manual Development
  • Safety Training Sessions
  • OSHA Standard & Recordkeeping Compliance
  • Industrial Code Rule 59 / ICR59 Compliance
  • Insurance Carrier Concerns & Recommendations
  • Hazard Identification Surveys
  • Ergonomic Office and Workstation Reviews
  • HAB Grant Applications & Facilitation
  • Insurance / Indemnification Assistance
  • Forms, Formats, Handouts and Posters
  • Consultation and Research
  • Various Custom Projects


When was the last time your employees ENJOYED a safety training session?
  • Informative
  • Interesting
  • Interactive

To put it mildly, traditional safety training programs are not what you would call "exciting". That's why Safety by REQUEST safety training sessions are designed to be not only informative, but interesting and interactive as well. In addition to presenting all the required safety information, trivia questions and group challenges are utilized.

Having a Safety by REQUEST training session end in applause is not uncommon. When the employees appreciate the extra effort that went into a Safety by REQUEST safety training session, they remember not only the session, but its training content as well.

For a printable version of our "Safety Training Menu", click here. For a printable review of our "3 C's of Safety Compliance", click here.

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