About Safety by REQUEST

Safety by REQUEST was founded in 1999 by Larry Pecor, an experienced Certified Safety Professional and Certified Safety Consultant.

Large corporations know the value of safety and can afford to employ full-time certified safety professionals on staff. Smaller employers can also reap the benefits of investing in safety, but oftentimes don't have the means to hire a full-time certified safety professional. That's why Safety by Request was created.

Safety by REQUEST was developed to meet the individual safety needs and "requests" of small to mid-sized employers in upstate New York. But with that being said, the word REQUEST in our name is also an acronym that represents the primary characteristics of Safety by REQUEST. It stands for: Regional Effective Qualified Unique Economical Services & Training.

To obtain more information as to how each of these Safety by REQUEST characteristics may be beneficial to your company, please click on the red lettered buttons below that spell out the word REQUEST.

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