Safety by REQUEST  was founded in 1999 by Larry Pecor, an experienced Certified Safety Professional and Consultant.

Large corporations know the value of safety and can afford to employ full-time certified safety professionals on staff. Smaller employers can also reap the benefits of investing in safety, but oftentimes don't have the means to hire a full-time certified safety professional. That's why Safety by REQUEST was created. More About Us.
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All items "prepared & served" by a Certified Safety Professional, Certified Safety Consultant and Quality Service Trainer with over 25 years experience.

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Haz Com and the GHS

Did you know that all workplace chemical labels and safety data sheets are now changing? Failure to meet the GHS training and compliance requirements can result in employee injuries and penalties.

Read Haz Com and the GHS

OSHA Penalties

A single "Serious" OSHA violation may result in penalty up to $13,494 A "Repeat" violation, up to $134,937. If you're not familiar with OSHA's penalty structure, this overview is definitely worth the read.

Read About OSHA Penalties

The 3 C's of Safety Compliance

Being "in compliance" with OSHA standards and Insurance Carrier recommendations is a great idea, but does it really ensure safety in the workplace? Let's take and look at the three distinct types of "safety" that employers need to be concerned with.

The 3 C's of Safety Compliance